Voting should be easy.Voting should be social.Voting should be for everyone.

young people will makethe difference

  • 4 million people will turn 18 and become eligible voters in the next year.

  • The 2018 midterm election had record-setting youth turnout.

  • 2020 will be the first presidential election in which young people could be the largest voting bloc.

Over 4 million people will turn 18 between now and the 2020 election. MTV's +1thevote is encouraging these and all potential first-time voters to register and vote next November with a year-long campaign focused on making voting more social, making voting easier and making voting part of the milestones already happening in their lives, from prom to graduation to birthdays.

It's a year-long party and +1thevote is inviting you to help us shape the future. Who's your +1?

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